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1386873029_b2d2cb3d75_m Gli scienziati ripetono a gran voce, da anni, il pericolo sociale -oltre che ambientale- dovuto alle cause della siccità planetaria imminente, oltre ai danni dovuti all’inquinamento. In alcune testate della stampa inglese, per quello che ne so, se ne parla da parecchi anni. In Italia le opinioni degli scienziati, vedi Carlo Rubbia, non vengono prese in considerazione o perlomeno non vengono interpellati. L’unico che riesce a produrre titoloni sulla stampa è il Papa, che guarda caso, adesso che il pericolo ambientale va di moda, ha iniziato la sua battaglia per l’ambiente. Ripeto una volta ancora: non ho nulla verso le autorità ecclesiastiche le quali, anzi, fanno un ottimo lavoro. Chi non fa bene il suo, invece, è il governo italiano e la stampa imbavagliata che, fottendosene del Concordato, fa parlare, al suo posto, uno Stato straniero.


Dear all, I think I won't write any comments anymore in Nova100. I feel a little bit stupid and lonely between Italiens, they are very odd people. Don't know how to explain it. But they are very narrow in their thinking. The comments of the others are sometimes flattery (like a fanclub), sometimes the comments are really nothing to do with the subject, and only to tell their own stories. Dialogue is sometimes not possible. But I will keep reading your postings in Nova100. They're brave, intelligent and an invitation towards interesting conversations, which I now miss. Beside, this, my english comments are not suitable and very weird between all that Italian writings. Concern polution, it's something parties or gouverments put on their agenda, with a long face, because they have to. And if there is a convention, politici go, more as PR then really as activists. Just being present. Polution is just a 'tool', to win campaigns or elections, afterwards it will not be any topic anymore. It's being exploided. Americans have began with the polution, they settled factories all over the world. Now, there is an American, Gore, who makes a movie about the danger of it. Such hypocritic style of journalisme and propaganda. Also I hate Moore's films. If you put facts after another without looking at the context, then you can blame everything and everyone. In the contempory artscene it's the same. Very false. Another thing : There is also the fact that as an atheist, I wonder if it still possible like artwork of the past, which where ordered by the catholics. Rubens, Van Eyck, etc.. I find amazing colours and compositions in it. I think those man just received money to do religious themes, but they did hide some themes in it, which the catholics didn't noticed. How must an atheist approach the whole culture of music, paintings, etc which where religious themes. Can you still enjoy Bach ? For me science has failed in a way. Because, who's paying those scientific people ? Politicians ? the Catholics ? Nothing is what it seems. This is not paranoia. But I have the proof that there is a lot of corruption (we know that) but it goes so far that the individual has no chance at all. Is there a place for the individual in an atheist environement to think beyond science ? Loving, sharing, mutual respect for each other and a harmony should be the key to a civilized society. But the people themselves aren't very pure. I call the general population dumb and not willing to go towards progess. I see this also in art. Critici and curators are somewhere afraid of the new stuff that's silently beginning to rise. These litle artists who are working day and night, making the most beautifull artpieces are not tolerated by the contempory artscene. I belong to those litle group of artists who making a lot of work, investing a lot of money and effort and even blood in it. Some day, the curators will not able anymore to take a walk around it. It's happening now, I feel it. The artscene is going to change. More and more I see ' Le Salon des Réfugiés' rising here and there.... Here is just a short story about the second WW and it illustrates still for me the human condition of today : my grandma lived in southern Italy during WWII. With the war ending the real bombings started, while americans were chasing nazis and fascists out of the country using bombs over bombs. my grandma was busier trading cheese and flour with fascists than she was runnng away from bombs. bombings were scary, but they were there, that's all. her family hid one of the hiding partisans in their house, once. they made love quite a few times. her father kicked him out of the house the moment he found out. nazi-fascists ran out of small villages in south italy, while retreating up north. they randomly killed a bunch of people, in the process. americans came, freed the people from oppression, and in the meantime they fucked the hell out of loads of young calabresina girls because they just loved their cute dark complexion and rounded figures, and they were out of sex from months, anyway. right after the war USA bought italy with the marshall plan, as they did with most of europe's post war nations. no wonder we're so full f USA's army/navy/airforce bases. all over. now. today. war is shit. orwell is, too. That's all. take care Please, you can answer me in Italian. I understand Italian, but I can't write Italian. Thank you
La comunità scientifica l'unico, vero faro etico e morale delle società di oggi. Se esistono pecore nere è insufficiente per condannare anche loro. A proposito di pecore nere, una è craig Venter che sta trovando un'altro modo di fare soldi dopo aver cervato di brevettare il dna. qui un articolo interessante di Rifkin qui invece l'articolo del Corsera che incensa Venter sena raccontare chi sia il personaggio.